Fall & Winter Season

A Quiet Escape

Embrace Tranquility

The slower pace of the fall and winter months offers the chance to discover authentic Hornby and explore the island’s hidden treasures. With plenty of hiking and marine activities, you’re sure to stay active. If you’re here to unwind, you’ll have time to nurture your creativity or simply get cozy by the fire.

Outdoor Activities

Reach new heights

Explore the island’s beautiful trails on foot or by bike and forage for shellfish on one of our many beaches. End your day with a relaxing beachside bonfire at our fire pit.

Ocean Activities

Out on the Water

Explore the marine life around Hornby Island with a sightseeing adventure or a cold-water shore dive. Catch a salmon and cook it over the coals. If you’re a certified diver, go for an unforgettable underwater experience.



While dining options on Hornby are limited during the fall and winter months, we have some ideas about where to find delicious fare. The most reliable option, of course, is to take advantage of your Sea Breeze kitchen and enjoy a hearty meal in your home-away-from-home

History, Arts + Culture

A thriving community

Discover the island’s hidden treasures. From beachcombing and cozy fireside nights to exploring petroglyphs and browsing art studios, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

  • Live Like a Local

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    During the slower pace of the fall and winter, you’re likely to have all your favourite beaches completely to yourself. Spend the afternoon beachcombing for unique treasures brought in from intermittent winter storms. Once the evening comes, cuddle up next to your cozy fire to write, read or get creative.

  • Check Out the Petroglyphs

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    Head down to the beach in front of Sea Breeze during low tide and wander to the left. Keep your eyes peeled on the weathered sandstone for a chance to find remnants of petroglyphs made by early Indigenous people!

  • Browse an Art Studio

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    Often rumoured to have the highest per-capita density of artists in Canada, Hornby Island is renowned for its incredible creative talent. Use the Hornby Arts Map for a snapshot of the various studios on the island and contact the artist to request a studio appointment!

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