Spring & Summer Season

Get Outside

Endless Possibilities

Hornby Island shines in the warmer months. Take advantage of the beautiful weather to spend time surrounded by greenery or stunning turquoise waters. Marine activities galore, ample dining options and a chance to see local art will make your time here full and fun.

Outdoor Activities

Reach New Heights

If you’re looking for a scenic outdoor experience, Hornby Island has it all. Take a hike through the lush Helliwell Provincial Park, enjoy the picturesque Tribune Bay and explore the island’s many trails.

  • Hike Helliwell Provincial Park

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    A trip to Hornby would not be complete without visiting the stunning Helliwell Bluffs, surrounded by weather-beaten old-growth Douglas firs and Garry oaks. The loop takes about an hour along fairly easy terrain, so it’s great for a mid-morning stroll with a Lix coffee in hand.

  • Spend Time on Tribune Bay

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    Whether you’re here in the spring or the summer, you will be blown away by the beauty of Tribune Bay. With white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water, you will begin to understand why Hornby has been called the “Hawaii of the North.” The good news? It’s only a three-minute drive from Sea Breeze.

  • Explore the Trails

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    Hornby’s beautiful and well-established trails range from easy to challenging for cyclists and hikers alike. If you’re leaving from Sea Breeze, you can find a variety of trail heads within a 10-minute bike ride that will connect you to the extensive network of trails all over the island.

  • Enjoy the Property

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    Spend an afternoon exploring our property and using our on-site amenities. Try out our unique grass tennis court, watch your kids play on our pirate ship playground or enjoy our various lawn games such as bocce, kubb or disc toss!

Ocean Activities

Out on the Water

Hornby Island offers a variety of ocean activities that are perfect for adventurers of all types. Charter a boat or rent a kayak to explore the coastline, go sailing or simply explore the tidal pools on the Sea Breeze beach.


Taste Local Flavours

Hornby Island boasts a variety of culinary experiences to indulge in during your stay. Join us at the Breeze Restaurant & Lounge, or venture further for brunch and delicious baked goods. Sample local mead, cider and wine!

Arts & Culture

A Thriving Community

Explore Hornby’s creative culture! Visit the Farmer’s Market for handmade products and produce, go on an art tour to see the island’s renowned talent and browse unique shops at the Ringside Market.

  • Explore the Farmers Market

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    Open on Saturdays starting on Victoria Day long weekend in May, and Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout July and August, our Farmer’s Market is plentiful with produce and handcrafted products of makers, bakers, growers, artisans and artists.

  • Go on an Art Tour

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    Often rumoured to have the highest per-capita density of artists in Canada, Hornby Island is renowned for its incredible creative talent. Use the Hornby Arts Map for a snapshot and hours of the various studios on the island, and plan your own custom art tour. Many of the studios are by-appointment in the spring, so be sure to call ahead!

  • Browse the Shops

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    The Ringside Market, located adjacent to the Hornby Island Co-op, is our main shopping hub on the island, with a variety of intimate shops and artisan booths. After browsing the Ringside, don’t forget to pop across the street to The Sweet Spot, a lovely vintage shop open daily in the summer, and then wander through the plants and thoughtful everyday goods at Baird & Co.

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